Merges two rspec or data.frame objects into a single rspec object.

# S3 method for rspec
merge(x, y, ...)


x, y

(required) rspec objects to merge.


additional class arguments.


an object of class rspec for use with pavo functions. Will use by = "wl" if unspecified, or automatically append wl to the by argument if one is specified.

See also


Chad Eliason


# Load angle-resolved reflectance data for a green-winged teal, and # split it in two data(teal) teal1 <- teal[, c(1, 3:5)] teal2 <- teal[, c(1, 2, 6:12)] # Merge the two split datasets back into one, with a shared 'wl' column teal.mer <- merge(teal1, teal2, by = "wl") # Examine the results, and compare the original to the (identical) # reconstructed version plot(teal.mer)