Plot a CIE (XYZ, LAB, or LCH) chromaticity diagram.

  mono = TRUE,
  out.lwd = NULL,
  out.lcol = "black",
  out.lty = 1,
  theta = 45,
  phi = 10,
  r = 1e+06,
  zoom = 1,
  box = FALSE,
  ciebg = TRUE,
  margin = NULL,



(required). a data frame, possibly a result from the colspace() or cie() function, containing values for 'x', 'y' and 'z' coordinates for the CIEXYZ model, or LAB coordinates for the CIELAB (or CIELCh models), as columns (labeled as such).


should the monochromatic loci (the 'horseshoe') be plotted when space = "ciexyz"? Defaults to TRUE.


graphical parameters for the plot outline.


graphical parameters for the plot outline.


graphical parameters for the plot outline.


angle to rotate the plot in the xy plane when space = "cielab" (defaults to 10).


angle to rotate the plot in the yz plane when space = "cielab" (defaults to 45).


the distance of the eyepoint from the center of the plotting box when space = "cielab". Very high values approximate an orthographic projection (defaults to 1e6). See graphics::persp() for details.


zooms in (values greater than 1) or out (values between 0 and 1) from the plotting area when space = "cielab".


logical. Should the plot area box and axes be plotted? (defaults to FALSE)


should the colour background be plotted for CIEXYZ plot? (defaults to TRUE)


Deprecated. Please use the standard par() method for custom margins.


additional graphical options. See par().


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CIE (2006). Fundamental chromaticity diagram with physiological axes. Parts 1 and 2. Technical Report 170-1. Vienna: Central Bureau of the Commission Internationale de l Eclairage.


Thomas E. White

Rafael Maia


# Load floral reflectance spectra data(flowers) # CIEXYZ # Estimate quantum catches, using the cie10-degree viewer matching function <- vismodel(flowers, visual = "cie10", illum = "D65", vonkries = TRUE, relative = FALSE) # Run the ciexyz model <- colspace(, space = "ciexyz") # Visualise the floral spectra in a ciexyz chromaticity diagram plot(
# CIELAB # Using the quantum catches above, instead model the spectra in the CIELab # space <- colspace(, space = "cielab") # And plot in Lab space plot(